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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Online Degree Program

The Bachelor of Computer Application online program at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar is designed in a way to enhance the skills of the students. The online BCA degree ensures that you are blended with the right kind of skills to make a flourishing career in the field of computers and technology.

You'll learn how to:

In online BCA course, you'll learn:

  • Enhance skills in computer, information technology, communication, organization and management.
  • Understand the technological applications with the rapid growing demands of this field.
  • Become an outstanding IT Professional in the arena of technology to apply theory of relativity in the computer world.
  • Develop knowledge about different computer applications



Benefits of online BCA program

An online Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility: Students may learn at their own speed and on their own schedule with online BCA program. This makes getting a degree simpler for working people, parents, or students with other responsibilities.
  • Convenience: There is no need to travel or relocate, as students can take courses from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient option for learners.
  • Lower Fees: Online BCA programs are generally more affordable compared to traditional on-campus programs, as they do not require fees associated with campus infrastructure, such as accommodation and food plans.
  • Access to High-Quality Education: Online BCA programs offered by accredited universities that provide instruction at a level comparable to that found in conventional on-campus programs., ensuring students receive a high-quality education.
  • Technology-focused Learning: Earning a BCA online degree gives students the chance to advance their technical proficiency as they study in a technologically focused setting.keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.
    Overall, completing a BCA online program provide students a flexible and convenient option to obtain a high-quality education at a cheaper cost, while also gaining new skills and taking part in a variety of learning opportunities

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Key Features

Openness and Flexible

A more faster, productive and trackable learning process . Self-Paced Learning with Anywhere, Anytime access.

Friendly User Interface

An effective user interface that includes easy navigation and customized dashboard to help quick access for the students.

Learning Management System

A learning platform for online content such as e- content, presentations , videos to improvise students engagement and productivity.

Guidance and Support

Resources provided to students to meet their learning standards ,uphold the progress and achieve better success.

Assessments and quizzes

Customized tests for students with online accessibility to help students evaluate their knowledge progress.

Flexible Fee Plan

An attractive and affordable payment plan , enabling students to budget expenses overtime.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela


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Indian Students -

  • +2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Programming in C
  • Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
  • Communication Skills in English-I
  • Programming Laboratory - I
  • Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory Paper) Problem of Drug Abuse
  • Punjabi (Compulsory) – I
  • Punjab History Culture – I

  • Introduction to Programming in C++
  • Principles of Digital Electronics
  • Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques
  • Programming Laboratory - II
  • Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory Paper) : Management and Prevention
  • Punjabi (Compulsory) – II
  • Punjab History Culture – II
  • Communication Skills in English – II

  • Computer Architecture
  • Database Management System
  • Computational Problem Solving using Python
  • Programming Laboratory - III
  • Environmental Studies (Compulsory)

  • Data Structure & File Processing
  • Information Systems
  • Internet Applications
  • System Software
  • Programming Laboratory – IV

  • Computer Networks
  • Web Technologies
  • Operating System
  • Programming Laboratory – V

  • Computer Graphics
  • Software Engineering
  • Project
  • Programming Laboratory – VI

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Online programs transcend time, geographic locations and other barriers to higher education. This can be helpful to those who work full time, live in remote regions or are constantly on the move. 

  • High-speed internet access
  •  Laptop/computer
  • Webcam 
  • Microphone.

Yes, Online classess are available as per the schedule of faculty.

The University does not have any set schedule for the exams. It is a self-paced program. Students can appear for the exams as per their own convenience, as long as they complete it within the given duration of their respective course.

The eligibility criteria for Indian Students -

  • +2 with at least 40% marks in the aggregate or equivalent examination.



GNDU offered online BCA is a 3 years long graduation degree program. It progresses on the line of six semesters each of duration 6 months. 

Completing the BCA course entails laying hands on major league IT jobs. Holding a BCA degree allows one to work under different job profiles enshrined in the field of computer and technology like system engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, software developer, etc.

Yes, It is a good career option for any aspirant who wishes to pursue his technological interest as a profession. It opens a realm of leading IT jobs offering acknowledged profiles worldwide.

Yes, an online BCA course is valuable when acquired from a recognized and authorized online University. Degrees attained through accredited e-learning academic establishments are acknowledged globally. 

GNDU’s online BCA degree program advances through its six componential semesters planned as course stages. Each semester promotes learning and specializing course subjects scholarly.   

Semester 1
  1. Introduction to Programming in C
  2. Introduction to Computers and Information Technology
  3. Communication Skills in English-I
  4. Programming Laboratory - I
  5. Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory Paper) Problem of Drug Abuse
Semester 2
  1. Introduction to Programming in C++
  2. Principles of Digital Electronics
  3. Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques
  4. Programming Laboratory - II
  5. Drug Abuse: Problem, Management, and Prevention (Compulsory Paper): Management and Prevention
Semester 3
  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Database Management System
  3. Computational Problem Solving using Python
  4. Programming Laboratory - III
  5. Environmental Studies (Compulsory)
Semester 4
  1. Data Structure & File Processing
  2. Information Systems
  3. Internet Applications
  4. System Software
Semester 5
  1. Computer Networks
  2. Web Technologies
  3. Operating System
Semester 6    
  1. Computer Graphics
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Project

Yes, BCA degree is recognized globally.