Withdrawal Policy

Guru Nanak Dev University Programs follow a structured withdrawal policy, detailed below. The Procedure to Withdraw, and Claim Refunds, will follow the milestones, as per the Enrolment Cycle a Candidate Applies within.
  • Candidates found ineligible or Applicants being rejected for any other reason, at the Application Stage, will be refunded the total amount.
  • Candidates, who wish to withdraw their candidature before receiving the University's approval, will be refunded the paid amount, after a deduction of the amount paid towards the Application & Registration Fee paid.
  • A written request for the same has to be made to the Admission Office, Guru Nanak Dev University - Department of Online by the requisite date, for the request to be considered.
  • The University and the Institute shall not accept any requests for refund after the above mentioned period, i.e. after receiving the University Approval for enrolment (intimation may be made via email/post) confirming the student's admission to the Program.